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Home Fire Safety
Information to help you protect your family and home from fire. Included is information about smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and general fire safety tips
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ealth, physical activity, quite smoking , weight loss, fitness and sports information,
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Articles and information about the Fire Service.
Included is information about becoming a Firefighter, what to buy your Firefight and  tips & tricks.

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FireFighter Games
Play games online for free : Fireman - Build a hose as long as possible from the hydrant to the fire before time runs out and Stai Ruere - Drive a riot truck around the city and spray water using a canon. Download games for free: Fireman's Adventures - Fight the fire and save the lives of many. Become a fireman in the brand new action-logic game and Fireman - Control a fireman, a brave hero who rescues people
around the world.

New Articles
Foam: How it makes water a better firefighter
Water, alone, can be an inefficient firefighting tool depending on fuel type, fuel loads and fire conditions. Water as it is converted to steam, has the ability to absorb and carry away heat. This happens at an expansion rate of 1700 to 1.Unfortunately, water's strong surface tension causes it to form small beads and roll off the fuel it is being applied to faster than it can absorb its full heat capacity.

Why Firefighters Shouldn't Confuse Confidence with Egotism
Confidence is ordinarily a valued trait in firefighters and their officers. It would certainly be difficult to enter a burning structure without a firm belief that you, and those around you, know how to do the job and that your chosen course of action is appropriate. A lack of confidence can also be dangerous, even fatal. Second-guessing one's decisions costs time, which may not be an available luxury, and it often instills doubt among one's fellow firefighters, distracting them from the critical task at hand. In short, confidence is an important part of effective firefighting, and is basically essential to fireground leadership.

Fire Extinguisher Basics
There are three types of fire extinguishers available for use on campus by the general population: pressurized water, carbon dioxide, and multi-purpose dry chemical. In addition, there are specialty extinguishers which are available in specific locations for special hazards. These extinguishers include: sodium bicarbonate based BC extinguishers for kitchen use, halon extinguishers for use on computers and other sensitive electronic equipment, and Metal X extinguishers for use on metal fires.
Becoming a firefighter
Becoming a volunteer firefighter is something to be taken seriously. Anyone who ventures into the world of volunteer emergency response halfheartedly will soon find that it’s either all or nothing at all. You can’t go to a fire scene and attack a raging house fire if your heart isn’t into it, and you can’t go to a vehicle accident and expect to save someone’s life if you don’t feel it 100% in your bones.
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