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Fireman Sam - Sam is have a birthday surprise for Penny Morris and he has to make sure the guest arrive on time. Guide Sam past obstacles in the road and get the guest to the party on time. This game has two level and is suitable for young children.
Fireman - Quickly assemble fire hose to put out the fire before the time runs out. Get bonus point for connecting  to the preposition pipes. This game has several levels and in very addictive and is suitable for young children.
FireFighter - The aim of this game is to catch the falling residents of a burning building and get them into an ambulance as soon as possible without falling them on the ground. Try to rescue all casualties or you will loose points. Once all the casualties are rescued you will move onto the next level...Have fun!
Stäi Rüere - Protesters have gathered around the barracks area in Zurich. It is your duty to control them and maintain peace and security. You've to drive a riot truck through the city streets and spray water on all the rioters, using the water canon, before the time runs out.

The FireFighter Game - You are a space fire fighter. you have to use your space ship that shoots water to shoot the stars that come at you.

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