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FireFighter Articles and information
Becoming a firefighter
Becoming a volunteer firefighter is something to be taken seriously. Anyone who ventures into the world of volunteer emergency response halfheartedly will soon find that it’s either all or nothing at all. You can’t go to a fire scene and attack a raging house fire if your heart isn’t into it, and you can’t go to a vehicle accident and expect to save someone’s life if you don’t feel it 100% in your bones.
F.A.S.T - "It's all attitude"
Your company responds to a chemical spill at a local warehouse, with reports of missing employees, possibly still in the building. Upon arrival control zones are established and at the same time the Hazardous Material Team is requested and technicians respond. Upon arrival on the scene all members are assembled and a plan devised, but before any entry teams are allowed to enter the hot zone.
Residential Smoking Fires and Casualties
In 2002 alone, lighted tobacco products caused an estimated 14,450 residential fires, 520 civilian deaths, 1,330 injuries, and $371 million in residential property damage according to a new USFA topical fire research series report. The report summarizes the characteristics of smoking fires, with an emphasis on the casualties associated with these fires.

The Female Firefighter
Firefighting is no longer just the domain of the male. Just like every other career, trade, or profession women have made inroads into this traditionally male territory. Though some women may be discouraged by the usually male traits required to become a firefighter there are other characteristics that make a good firefighter. If you are not ready to make a full-time commitment to being a firefighter, you can volunteer to see how it fits your life.


Foam: How it makes water a better firefighter
Water, alone, can be an inefficient firefighting tool depending on fuel type, fuel loads and fire conditions. Water as it is converted to steam, has the ability to absorb and carry away heat. This happens at an expansion rate of 1700 to 1.Unfortunately, water's strong surface tension causes it to form small beads and roll off the fuel it is being applied to faster than it can absorb its full heat capacity.

Why Firefighters Shouldn't Confuse Confidence with Egotism
Confidence is ordinarily a valued trait in firefighters and their officers. It would certainly be difficult to enter a burning structure without a firm belief that you, and those around you, know how to do the job and that your chosen course of action is appropriate. A lack of confidence can also be dangerous, even fatal. Second-guessing one's decisions costs time, which may not be an available luxury, and it often instills doubt among one's fellow firefighters, distracting them from the critical task at hand. In short, confidence is an important part of effective firefighting, and is basically essential to fireground leadership
Buying Gifts And Tools For Your Firefighter
While most of the gear that a firefighter will use day in and day out to fight fires is state or county issued, there are some things that friends and family members can buy these brave men and women to help make their jobs easier. If the firefighter in your life already has everything to make the job easier, there are still some great things that you can purchase to help him or her flaunt their awesome profession. Not just anyone can be a firefighter, so it is fun to buy things that can help the special person in your life let the world know what he or she does for a living.
Why Firefighters Should Join A Firefighter Association
f you ask a firefighter about the risks associated with his or her job you might find that they are able to minimize the dangers associated with the daily ins and outs of putting out fires and ensuring the safety of the public. If you ask the family of a firefighter about the risks of the job you’ll find that they are far more worried and are typically not able to minimize the job duties. Regardless of the response, being a firefighter is risky business and is one of the most dangerous occupations that one can choose.
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